Languages play a crucial role in businesses for a number of reasons:

International communication: In an increasingly connected world, companies often deal with customers, partners and employees from different parts of the world. Proficiency in several languages facilitates communication and strengthens business relationships.

Companies looking to expand globally often need to adapt their offering to different markets. Knowledge of local languages is essential for understanding customers’ needs and adapting to their cultures.

You would like to organize language training courses within your company.

All our trainers teach their mother tongue and are TEFL-certified or equivalent.

English – German – French – Spanish – Italian – Chinese (Mandarin) – Russian and other languages on request

How to organize in-company language courses

After more than 20 years of working with hundreds of companies, INTERLANGUES has developed a proven and widely appreciated working method. The aim is obviously to offer a professional and practical approach.

  1. Which languages should be improved?
  2. Pre-registration
  3. Interview with each interested party
  4. Proposal
  5. Start of course
  6. Course evaluation
  7. Quarterly or half-yearly report
  8. Course diploma

Our qualified teachers form the basis for effective, targeted training. Their profiles are perfectly matched to the specific content of the courses.

In short, language skills are essential in business, facilitating communication, promoting global expansion, strengthening competitiveness, ensuring effective negotiations and contracts, managing diversity and promoting employee training and development.