Our Methods

The Method

The teachers at INTERLANGUES use the direct or communicative method. It is based on spoken interaction between the teacher and the students. Using books, CD’s, DVD’s etc. the learner is able to reinforce their knowledge in class, at home, in the office and when travelling.

Our motto

“We learn when we speak”. The majority of our students choose Interlangues because they are able to practise the target language in small groups or individually.

A dynamic approach

The dynamic approach of our teachers creates an atmosphere which favours oral communication between the students and the teacher. Any errors can be immediately corrected and if necessary, be worked on until fully understood.

“Blended learning”

INTERLANGUES recommends all the different pedagogical material which favour the acquisition of new language skills. INTERLANGUES follows the evolution of ICT, (Information & Communication technology). INTERLANGUES proposes modern teaching methods that combine the communicative method and the use of ICT, commonly known as “blended learning”. As well as the activities proposed by the teachers, further listening and written exercises are often available on CD. Students also have the possibility to reinforce their skills by using the interactive activities offered by the different book publishers.

Choice of material

INTERLANGUES uses methods sold by the top book publishers. The material is always up-to-date and is chosen so that learners are able to meet their objectives.

There are no obsolete methods, with figures and statistics from the last century at INTERLANGUES!

The teachers

The success of a language course is linked closely to the personality of the teachers. This is why INTERLANGUES applies the following criteria in order to choose its teaching staff:

  • Native speakers (95%)
  • Qualified to teach adults
  • Have good general culture
  • Clear interpersonal communicative skills

Actual news

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