Overseas study

INTERLANGUES works in collaboration with various language schools all over the world. Our partners share our philosophy and have a common goal: enable students to learn a new language in small groups and provide personalized courses by taking into account the objectives of each student.

Why choose Interlangues?

Before enrolling to study abroad, INTERLANGUES offers an evaluation with no obligation

–          Advice in order to choose the course which best suits your needs.

–          INTERLANGUES will deal with all of the documentation required for your stay abroad (e.g. visas) at no extra charge

Host Countries


Swiss Germany – Germany (Berlin, Munster, Freiburg, Lindau) – Austria (Vienna, Graz)


England (14 cities) – Scotland (Edinburgh) – Ireland (Dublin, Galway) – Canada (Toronto, Vancouver) – USA (New York, San Diego, Los Angeles) – Australia (Cairns, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney) – New Zealand


Spain (10 cities) – South America (all countries) – Cuba (Havana)


Italy (12 cities)


Portugal – Brazil


Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow)


China (Shanghai)

Details of other languages on request

Contact us on 032 968 72 68 and we will gladly help you choose your ideal course.

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